Why would you sell Avon! (Again)

Fifteen years ago I was a fresh faced and over enthusiastic eighteen year old wanting to make it rich in the big grown up world. I signed up with Avon with big dreams… and I followed these dreams for over a year, plodding along with my little business as a side project to my day job. I wasn’t making millions, but I was making a consistant amount of pocket money mostly blown on my own makeup or my weekend splurge at the local pub!

I was approached by another company, a competitor, promising all things shiney and wonderful… a car, more money, free holidays etc etc etc… so being naive I jumped ship. This was the start of my journey as a serial party plan joiner. Every one of them offered you the world, bigger and better incentives, with little or no effort. “The products sell themselves!” I would hear again and again. What did I learn? That is a total lie. Products do not sell themselves. No matter what company you choose, you have to work your arse off to make your business worthwhile. You get out what you put in. It really is that simple.

So many years on, after trying Body Shop, Scentsy, Tupperware, Nutrimetics, ItWorks, Doterra and Norwex, here I am. A little older and a little wiser. Here are my reasons why someone would return to Avon or why not to quit in the first place (and what I have learnt along the way)…

The products are AFFORDABLE. This is number one. While other brands will remind you that you pay for what you receive. Premium price for a premium product, blah blah blah. Regardless, in the current economy most people can’t afford or don’t wish to spend their hard earned money on one lipstick, or one clamshell of scented wax melts. They just don’t. They may have one impulsive splurge but won’t return to buy for a long time, if ever. Not when they can buy the same or similar products in stores for less. Brand loyalty only goes so far. I love that most of my customers spend $30 consistently every fortnight and receive a bag of goodies for that. Not just a single product. It’s the same commission for me, however, my customers can see value for money. And in all honesty, despite what competitors will tell you, the quality is there.

Everyone has a favourite product. The company has been around for over 100 years. You would have to try hard to find someone who doesn’t know the brand or has never tried to products. From children to great-grandparents, there are products for everyone to love and at affordable prices. My Mum has always had a box of Avon specials she collects on special and puts away for forgotten birthdays and Christmas stocking fillers. They are products that everyone uses on a daily basis.

It’s not a fad. We all go through phases in life…. losing weight, wanting the house to smell pretty, chemical free cleaning, a tidy pantry cupboard, healing essential oils. This is great and everyone does it. But having been around for so long, Avon has staying power. The company knows we all shower, we (mostly) all wear makeup, we want convenience and reliable service. Avon had expanded over the years to add homewears, clothing, shoes and other needs. They know what customers want and how to stay in the game. It’s rare that I have a customer splurge on items and never return. Business is consistant over the year, not just at Christmas or for a big sale. Great products that you actually need at a good price. It’s common sense really.

The fine print. The perks of the business, the discounts and incentives. To be completely honest, all of these are comparable to other companies. The difference for me is, as I have explained above, the sales are so much easier to achieve and maintain for the long term. Which is what you want. I personally don’t want to have to spend every waking minute finding new customers. I serve my current customers well and they keep coming back week after week. I get out and about, I socialise and let people know what I do and it’s that simple. I make it easy on myself. Don’t get me wrong, I work hard to build and maintain my business, but I don’t have to waste my time constantly finding new circles of people to sell to.

So anyway, that’s it in a nutshell. I know I will probably cop lots of flack from distributors from other companies who disagree with me. But I have written this based on my own personal experiences and everyone is different. I absolutely believe the companies I have worked with hsve fantastic high quality products, but for me, Avon has consistently been a better seller. I’m not going to continue to fluff on and tell you how easy party plan and direct selling is because it’s not. Just like running any business it takes dedication, committment and hard work. But the benefits are amazing and worth every ounce of effort you put into it.

NOTE: I have not been a rep for this company for nearly 20 years, this is just a review based on my experiences with Avon in comparison to other companies.

Current and past Avon reps, why did you choose Avon as you business??? Comment below and share your stories!!! 💖💖💖

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